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The main purpose of a massage treatment is to relax.
Relax muscles, nervous system, release tension between fascias, help the lymphatic system to get rid of toxins, and so on.

There are many other techniques that help get rid of tensions, get in touch with a more natural energy flow and re-establish an healthy life style.
For different reasons and with different results, they improve the quality of life.

Heavenly Cycle

This technique is able to literally tell you how to improve your life.
I learned it from Francesca Martelletto, great master and friend, by chance, during a sunny and very hot afternoon, in North Italy, few years ago, during summer.
During that period I was very confused and I was often wakening up with on a bad mood.
I decided to give it a try, and I started practising early in the morning, before getting out of bed, especially when I was not happy.
The effect was amazing: the bad mood was immediately transformed into relaxation and after a few minutes my mind was able to translate the needs of my body in comprehensible instructions.

I followed the instructions and my life improved enormously, like from winter to summer.

The heavenly cycle is: moving consciously your energy.
Your energy lays around your body, all the time. With this exercise you will let it flow in a double circle, an eight, between the top of your head and your feet, passing through the first chakra (the perineum, between your genitals and your anus), in this way:

  • tan_tiensfrom the top of your head to the front of your bust
  • from the first chakra to back of your legs
  • from your feet to the front of your legs
  • from the first chakra to back of your bust

all in a continuous cycle forming an 8.

Sit down and simply do it. First help yourself with imagination, and later feel it.

You can do this exercise in any situation and in any position. It will induce an immediate state of calmness and clarity. It is particularly helpful in case of discomfort, in order to reach calm and wisdom, and deal with the situation.

Chi Kung

ChiandKungChi Kung is an ancient art, one of the important base for chinese medicine and martial art. Chi means “energy” and kung means “cultivation” or “work”. Thus Chi Kung can be translated as “cultivation of energy”, “cultivation of life vitality”.  It is a discipline, which helps practitioners to free up their energy resources and rediscover the way of not loozing them all the way, so the “battery” stay charged.

They are quite many styles of Chi Kung. The one, that I practice is Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung, known as an art of standing still. Zhan Zhuang in a free translation means “standing like tree” – feet and legs like the roots: heavy, grounded, juicy. The upper body light, movable, airlike. Arms flexible like the branches and your fingers like leafs. In the begining it may sound like a nice poem only, but with the time of practice the body becomes more and more relaxed and powerful at the same time. Yin and Yang becomes a living philosophy.

It takes a few weeks or months to get greater resoults, but actually recognizable benefits can be felt after the first class. So, no time wasted! Look for an authorized Chi Kung instructor in  your town and GIVE A SHOT! And don’t worry if  Chi Kung is absolutely new to you. One time it was absolutely new to all the teachers.

You can also try on your own with this ebook: Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung – PDF
This book will help you master the basic Zhan Zhuang system of Chi
Kung internal energy exercise.

Written by Izabella, Chi Kung teacher in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

If you are looking for a good chikung course in London, I suggest Mei Quan Academy.
They teach in different locations, with a rich method.