There are some conditions which may unfortunately prevent us from providing you with a treatment – these are called ‘contraindications’. Why do contraindications prevent us from giving you a treatment? It’s because we don’t want to make a condition potentially worse, or trigger an adverse reaction which could impact your health further.

There are some conditions which are totally contraindicated, which means we cannot give you a treatment under any circumstances. Some conditions require medical approval before we can offer the treatment. And there are some conditions which we can simply work around during the treatment.

Whatever it is, we need to know. If you have any of the conditions below please inform us before or during booking. If you’re not sure, call us to discuss, all given information will remain strictly confidential.

Skin Muscular
Eczema / Psoriasis / Other Aches / Pains
Fungal Infections / Athletes Foot Muscle / Skeletal Injuries
Viral Infections / Warts / Verrucae Myositis / Dystrophy / Atrophy
Lumps / Bumps / Cysts Osteoporosis / Arthritis / Rheumatism
… any other Skin Condition? … any other Musculoskeletal Condition?
Cardiovascular Respiratory
Blood Pressure / Hypertension Asthma / Emphysema / Cystic fibrosis
Poor Circulation / DVT / Haemophilia Pneumonia / Tuberculosis
… any other Cardiovascular Condition? … any other Respiratory Condition?
Nervous Digestive
Epilepsy / Seizures Constipation / Diarrhoea
Sciatica / Pinched Nerve Nausea / Ulcers
… any other Condition? … any other Digestive Problem?
Urinary Genito
Cystitis / Burning Sensation Menorrhoea / Amenorrhoea
Fluid Retention / Oedema Pregnant
… any other Kidney/Urinary Disorder? Menopause
… any other Gynaecological Condition?
Are you on any prescribed medication?
Any major Illnesses / Accidents / Operations ?