Office chair massage

office-chair-massage-in-londonA workplace massage is a priceless experience for a work-related environment

  • it helps improve sense of personal well-being
  • it drastically lowers stress and risk of burnout
  • it brings the conversation amongst the colleagues in a more relaxed and trustful level
  • it stimulates a more brilliant productivity
  • it increases the sense of comfort with the own working desk.

What is an “office chair massage”?

Also called seated massage and on-site massage, chair massage is an oil free massage given while you are clothed and seated in a specially designed chair.
These comfortable chairs slope forward, giving access to many parts of you upper body.

We will treat neck and large muscles of your back, and cradle your head, torso and arms allowing you to totally relax.

A little longer time (5 minutes) will let us massage your scalp (head massage) and hands, facilitating a state of detachment and total relaxation.

Physiological benefits

Chair massage is an effective way to relieve neck and shoulder tension and back pain, and can also alleviate common problems such as headaches, and tension in the hands, wrists and forearms.

Treatments last usually 15 to 25 minutes.
We may incorporate a variety of techniques, facilitated stretching, compression, kneading and tapping.


For rates and appointments, contact us

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LOCATION: 24 Campdale Road, N7 0EB, London

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