The “give up moment”

A massage, doesn’t matter what specific technique, induces relaxation all through the body. Despite the obvious effect on the tight muscles, the key for a successful treatment is the attention and dedication of the massage therapist to his/her client.

200_sPeople book a massage for many different reasons, but a common denominator for all the diversified tensions and personalities is the need a calming, relaxing, touch.

In every successful massage there is indeed what I call a “give up moment”: when I feel that my client releases most of his/her tensions and does not react any more to my treatment, but kindly accept it.

Unfortunately not all the massages work in this way, as it can happen that the client is too tense for whatever reason, and does not stop to keep controlling the situation.
I say unfortunately, because in the “give up moment” the body drastically decreases the production of Cortisol, the primary stress hormone, and as a result the well-being of the clients is emphatically felt by the masseur… me! 🙂

This is what I call a win-win situation!

There are many reasons why cultivating a peaceful life is convenient for both the single person and the community. In fact, while a stressed person induces stress on the others, a calm person induces calm on his neighbours

Check this documentary about stress: how stress affect well-being.

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Bear in mind that our western culture, while it can teach people how to contain the stress, does not offer any real clue about how to cultivate a peaceful life. A massage can be of a great help in difficult moments or the balsam of a tense life, and it can be the trigger for starting a deeper research, but the way to a joyful life passes through a deeper capacity to be in touch with your body feelings day by day.

I personally found a very useful resource on Vipassana.
For more information:

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